Bonjour France

After a year of processing my French work visa, I am finally starting my new job in Nantes tomorrow. And I am very excited! You may ask why it took the government that long to process my visa. The answer is: I don't know. Noone knows, but I don't care anymore! The important thing is, I am finally here. Ouiiii!!!!

I am really happy to be in Nantes. I visited the city twice last year to check if I liked it and if I could imagine myself living here. Well, I really liked it! The city is smaller than the other cities I've lived in. But it's very much alive and vibrant. It's also pretty and, of course, surrounded with chateaux. Haha! Plus, it's near the coast! And you know, it's in France, so the food is heavenly and the choices are varied. LOL! I can go on and on why I really am looking forward to starting new adventures here. 

A view of Nantes from the Tour de Bretagne