From Germany to Italy to visit Jollibee Italia

Yes, I traveled 493 kilometers from Munich to Milan to visit Jollibee. I was so happy that I did it and I didn't regret spending the night on the bus (6 hrs and 20 minutes of travel time) just to eat chicken joy and rice for breakfast with my Filipino friends. 

I know that so many people found this crazy! Even FL thought it was a ridiculous idea.  I totally understand why most people think that way. I mean, why would someone travel so long and so far just to eat at a fast food chain? Why would someone crave over fried chicken, Pinoy spaghetti, burgers, and hotdogs only served at Jollibee? It's unhealthy. It's in Italy - the land of heavenly pizza and pasta. Why?! 

The answer is simple -- Jollibee felt like a small piece of my home, the Philippines, in the middle of Europe. This trip was like a mini-homecoming for me and my friends.