A Day in Montenegro

It was 8 in the morning in Dubrovnik. I quickly switched off my phone's alarm and started preparing for our day trip to Montenegro. I haven't had coffee yet, thus my energy level was still low. But I made sure I had some snacks, water, sunblock, and swimwear ready for the trip. I begged FL to get out of bed earlier than his phone's alarm. I must have been very good in negotiating, or he must probably be so annoyed at me, that he immediately jumped out of bed to prepare for the trip. 

At exactly 9 in the morning, FL and I were quietly waiting for our drivers to arrive, with a cup of coffee in my hand. It wasn't the best coffee ever, but it was enough to keep me alert. FL was still a bit heartbroken about France losing the Euro Cup 2016. I could see the disappointment in his eyes. I, too, was disappointed, but the game was over and Portugal won. We both had to move on. 

A white van parked in front of where we were standing, and a woman, in her 40s, came to greet us. I replied, "Dubro Jutro," as if I spoke her language very well. She smiled and led us to the van where other holidaymakers were waiting.