Traveling Cheap

Euros 20 for return airfare tickets to London! Can you believe that? 

Yes, I spent Euros 20 for my plane tickets from Munich to London a month ago! And I definitely had so much fun. 

Who says that you need to be a millionaire to be able to afford that dream vacation? Gone are the days when travel was a luxury and only for rich people. Anyone can travel now, and anyone, who has the courage and does careful planning, can really do so. 

Travel, for me, is always the best way for me to educate myself about the world and other people's cultures. I travel because it enriches my mind, my soul, and my life. And b
ecause I really like traveling and I would really want to spread the good things traveling has brought into me, I am sharing some tips on how you can travel often and cheap. As they say, it's always the first step that is difficult. But once you get through it at least once, everything else will be easy. 

So, get your passports ready and plan that dream vacation!