Once upon a time in South Korea

Once upon a time in South Korea, my friends and I (over)stuffed our stomachs with the most delicious and juiciest beef and pork barbecue, and drank Soju.

Once upon a time in South Korea, my friends and I  searched for Lee Min Ho shopped for makeup, wore the traditional Hanbok, and ate Tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes).

Once upon a time in South Korea, there was an Oppa  my friends and I absolutely had the best days of our lives exploring the charming country. 

The Grand Budapest Hotel... errrr...Travel

Last summer, FL and I were torn between Budapest and Berlin. Both cities require long drives from Munich, and both cities are interesting places to see. 

To come up with a decision, we checked the availability of seats on BlablaCar. Surprise, more seats were offered to travel to Budapest. 

And so, we drove to Budapest after work on a Friday with two Hungarian men, who work in Munich. On weekends, they would drive for six hours to Budapest to see their families. Wow, the dedication of these fathers... 

In Love with Prague

If there is one perfect word to describe Prague, it is beautiful. In fact, it is beyond that. The city is romantic and spectacular

Prague has always been in the list of top must-see cities in Europe. Every travel magazine never fails to mention this city. Friends who had been there swore that it indeed is worth visiting. And so one summer day, I went on a quest to see why... 

Perks and Struggles of Pinoys Living Abroad

Pinoy, or Pinay (feminine form), is an informal word referring to Filipinos.
The Philippine flag being waved in Thailand before a football match
From where I come from, living abroad seems like a dream for many. A lot of people equate it with money, greener pastures, and a glamorous life. Some think that just because you live in a different country, you are living la vie en rose. Unfortunately, it is not always the case. 

You see, living abroad is not all fairies and gold dust, not all rainbows and butterflies. Oftentimes, it's almost like living la vida loca! The trees don't bear fruits with Euros or Dollars in them. The sky does not drop snow diamonds (I wish this was true. Darn!). We breathe the same air (maybe a bit cleaner here without the jeepneys). The little things that you often take for granted such as fresh fish and seafood straight from the sea, free fruits and vegetables from your backyards, and the sun that shines at least 300 days a year are some of the things I cannot enjoy here.