Adrenaline high in Dubai

I have never thought I'd get a chance to visit Dubai. I know about this booming city in the Middle East because I have relatives and friends who live there. But little did I know that I'd get to see it for myself. 

My flight to Paris via Emirates had a stopover in Dubai, so I grabbed the opportunity to stay in the city and visit my Uncle and Aunt and their kids for a few days. It was convenient to get a tourist visa to Dubai through the Emirates online visa application service. I only needed to fill out an online form, attach some documents, and pay around US$ 70. After a few days, the electronic visa was sent to me via email. I only needed to print it and show it to the Immigration upon arrival.

Scotland Wonderland

P.S. This is part three (and the last of the three-part series) of my UK Adventure.

When people ask me about the most beautiful cities I've ever been, Edinburgh always comes to the list. The capital city of Scotland surprised me big time!

From London, we took the train from the St. Pancras train station and traveled for about 4.5 hours. It was midnight when we arrived in Edinburgh. Imagine a scene in a movie where you arrive in a ghost town! We didn't see anyone in the streets and the other travellers seemed to disappear quickly after they left the train station.