Autumn in Portugal

For the past four years, I made sure to travel on my birthday. It didn't have to be on the day itself, but at least on dates close to it. Traveling, I believe, is the greatest reward I can give to myself.

So a week after my birthday last year, I traveled to Portugal with my boyfriend. It was both our first time to visit this country that is known for its Port wine, its beaches, its tart, and, perhaps, Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Exploring the French Countryside: Bretagne

One year ago, I was planning for a trip to the UK when I was asked for dinner by this certain guy. I marched into that dinner date with travel magazines about Europe in hand. 

During dinner, I told him that I would be leaving for a two-week holiday to the UK and asked him about his hometown in France. He said that he came from Western France where the beaches are nice and the weather was incredible.