On va à Paris! Let's go to Paris!

I really tried to sum up in three blogposts all my adventures in Paris. I am not sure if I was able to convey all my thoughts and experiences, but I recommend that you go and visit Paris, if you have the opportunity.  That city is worth the money, the time, and the effort! Paris has so much to offer for everyone's taste and likes. 

So how do you get to and go around Paris? Pretty easy. 

Part 3: Miss A's Paris Adventure

One night I was asked by my boyfriend if Paris was my most favorite city in the world. I said, no. Actually, London is my most favorite city, but it does not mean I don't like Paris. Don't get me wrong.

I have a love-hate relationship with Paris. I love the city because it's beautiful beyond words. I had such great memories living there. I met really great people and have nothing, but nice words to say about them. I learned a lot about the city, its culture, its food, its people, and its language. 

I love Paris, but I still hate it because of the... 

Part 2: Miss A's Paris Adventure

If by any chance, you got interested in the activities I did or the places I explored in my previous blogpost about Paris, here's a continuation of my Paris adventure.

Parks and Gardens - I arrived in Paris at the start of autumn. I really prepared myself for the cold weather since I am not used to it. Thus all I brought were clothes for winter. But there were days in Paris when I experienced the Indian summer. For a few weeks since I arrived, the weather was very lovely for outdoor activities. In this part of the world, when the sun is out, people need to take advantage of it because there are times when the weather's either too cold or gloomy. It's not like in Southeast Asia where it's sunny all year round. 

Part 1: Miss A's Paris Adventure


How was your Easter celebration? I just came back from a weekend holiday in France. I spent Easter with my boyfriend and his family. It was short, but definitely sweet. 

When we talk about France, Paris always comes to our minds. And why not? It is the city where everyone dreams of exploring. It is the city where everyone raves about being amazing. It is the city where everyone wishes to live. Even Audrey Hepburn said that, "Paris is always a good idea." 

The Record-breaking Apartment

On my second day in Munich, I had a conversation with my relocation consultant about my future apartment as she accompanied me to process important documents. She mentioned that finding a modern, reasonably priced apartment in the city central can be very tough. Well, according to this article, Munich is the most expensive city in Germany and affordable housing can be extremely difficult to find. The housing market, too, is very competitive. The supply does not meet the demand. It can be likened to an audition for American Idol or The Voice. Most nice apartments have at least 30 people bidding for them. Landlords, too, have set really high standards for their future tenants.