Painting and poetry 2: Butterfly

Let yourself be free
To experience how sweet life can be.

Let your spirit see
This world's wonders and beauty.

Let your heart feel
A love that is pure and real.

Let your dreams be high
And be determined to reach the sky.



Painting and Poetry


The darkest days and nights unfold, 
yet she still stands firm and bold.

She showers the world with love and positivity, 
and yet she still has to fight for equality.

Woman, you are beautiful and fearless.
May your star shine the brightest!



I just started to learn how to paint with acrylics in September, and I really enjoy doing it. It's very therapeutic!

And since I like to write, I thought about combining painting and poetry. The aim is to paint from the heart and write from the soul. :-) Yes, I am ambitious. For people who know me, they know I can be very ambitious. It isn't always a bad thing to be one, right?

So, here is the first post out of this project. I would like to dedicate this to my Mama, my mother-in-law, my sister and my sisters-in-law, my female cousins, my Aunts, my grandmothers, my female friends, my women colleagues, and to all those who run the world -- girls! 

P.S. Thank you to my mentors - Madeth and Sophie (my art teacher). :)


Miss A


If people ask me to describe Romania in one word, I would say INCREDIBLE. The country is not really known for tourism, we all know that. But as soon as FL and I stepped in Transylvania,  we were in awe of what we saw.  I could not believe why travel magazines and blogs don't talk about it. Romania is truly a hidden gem - it's not all about Dracula and gypsies.

We drove 1,000 kilometers around Transylvania and even took the roads that were less traveled. We got to interact with the locals, and they were all nice and spoke good English and French. They really made sure that we could sample all the delicious food and wine that their country has to offer. 

On our drive to our hotel near the Bran Castle, Google Maps pointed us to the wrong address. I called the receptionist and she was kind enough to give us the correct directions and even waited for us by the roadside to make sure we didn't miss the hotel's entrance. And it was on a chilly night in Autumn. She didn't have to go out and wait for us in the cold, but she did! 

If you are reading this blog post and you're currently exploring new non-touristy places to visit, then I suggest you check out Romania. It may not be the obvious destination but just look at all these photos from our Transylvanian road trip (Oradea - Sibiu - Bran - Cluj - Oradea)...

Are you not convinced? ;-)

We were so delighted to have explored this beautiful country and we couldn't wait to visit it again. Romania really surprised me and I like it a lot! My dear friends, I strongly encourage you to visit it.

P.S. Let me know when you plan to visit it. I'll give you tips. ;-)

Miss A

Bonjour France

After a year of processing my French work visa, I am finally starting my new job in Nantes tomorrow. And I am very excited! You may ask why it took the government that long to process my visa. The answer is: I don't know. Noone knows, but I don't care anymore! The important thing is, I am finally here. Ouiiii!!!!

I am really happy to be in Nantes. I visited the city twice last year to check if I liked it and if I could imagine myself living here. Well, I really liked it! The city is smaller than the other cities I've lived in. But it's very much alive and vibrant. It's also pretty and, of course, surrounded with chateaux. Haha! Plus, it's near the coast! And you know, it's in France, so the food is heavenly and the choices are varied. LOL! I can go on and on why I really am looking forward to starting new adventures here. 

A view of Nantes from the Tour de Bretagne