Bonjour France

After a year of processing my French work visa, I am finally starting my new job in Nantes tomorrow. And I am very excited! You may ask why it took the government that long to process my visa. The answer is: I don't know. Noone knows, but I don't care anymore! The important thing is, I am finally here. Ouiiii!!!!

I am really happy to be in Nantes. I visited the city twice last year to check if I liked it and if I could imagine myself living here. Well, I really liked it! The city is smaller than the other cities I've lived in. But it's very much alive and vibrant. It's also pretty and, of course, surrounded with chateaux. Haha! Plus, it's near the coast! And you know, it's in France, so the food is heavenly and the choices are varied. LOL! I can go on and on why I really am looking forward to starting new adventures here. 

A view of Nantes from the Tour de Bretagne

Danke schön und Tschüß, München!

Two weeks ago, FL and I left Munich. It was bittersweet. 

As the train started to pull away from the Hauptbahnhof (central train station), tears fell down on my cheeks. I looked around and all I could think of were the great memories and the fun times. Munich was my second home in the past three years, and it has, and will always have, a special place in my heart. 

Marienplatz in Munich

Thoughts of a Newbie Entrepreneur

Last May 12th was the first anniversary of my first business venture in partnership with my friend, Sasa, and FL. Up to know, I still could not believe that we opened a spa a year ago. It feels like a dream.

To be honest, opening the spa was not a walk in the park. There were so many problems and issues before we could even open. But all of those struggles are now in the past. I am happy that our little business is thriving and the spa continues to serve customers from all walks of life. I am also glad that we are able to provide jobs for my countrymen. We have definitely achieved a milestone as the spa reached its first anniversary. 

Photo credit: The Explorer's Channel

Although we reached our first year, the work is not yet done. In fact, it is just getting started! :-)

From Germany to Italy to visit Jollibee Italia

Yes, I traveled 493 kilometers from Munich to Milan to visit Jollibee. I was so happy that I did it and I didn't regret spending the night on the bus (6 hrs and 20 minutes of travel time) just to eat chicken joy and rice for breakfast with my Filipino friends. 

I know that so many people found this crazy! Even FL thought it was a ridiculous idea.  I totally understand why most people think that way. I mean, why would someone travel so long and so far just to eat at a fast food chain? Why would someone crave over fried chicken, Pinoy spaghetti, burgers, and hotdogs only served at Jollibee? It's unhealthy. It's in Italy - the land of heavenly pizza and pasta. Why?! 

The answer is simple -- Jollibee felt like a small piece of my home, the Philippines, in the middle of Europe. This trip was like a mini-homecoming for me and my friends.